Rynette Tan

Rynette is certified Babywearing Consultant and experienced mother of three. With a background in psychology and communications, she assists parents in understanding their baby’s needs and cues, and helps parents understand baby’s developmental milestones in relation to babywearing. An advocate for attachment theory, she helps parents find joy in carrying and bonding with baby, whilst empowering them to be confident and liberated caregivers through babywearing. In 2014, Rynette founded 13Thirteen, a consultancy, retail and distribution business specialising in babywearing, skin-to-skin garments and their own line of diaper backpacks.

  • (2018) Babywearing Certification Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany
  • (2017) Advance Babywearing Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, German
  • (2017) Basic Babywearing Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany


Rynette offers private and group babywearing consultations and workshops. She enjoys sharing her knowledge on a diverse range of babywearing-related topics such as:

  • Exploring Babywearing: An overview of babywearing, babywearing benefits and types of baby carriers in the market
  • Introduction to baby carriers: Choosing the right carrier for me
  • Babywearing while pregnant
  • Tandem babywearing
  • Usage of carriers – basic wrapping using a stretchy/woven wrap, ring slings, traditional carriers (meh dai & onbuhimo) and buckled carriers
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